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Weight Loss Supplement Adverts

I have been speaking to a lot of people this week on weight loss journeys and by far the most common theme has been the number of weight loss supplements they are being bombarded with every time they look at their social media accounts or browse the internet.

Typical examples are weight loss coffee, weight loss shakes, and various weight loss teas. No doubt you will have seen others. My response to this has been the same every single time. THEY DO NOT WORK! There is little or no research behind them and what research there is, is heavily exaggerated. They will likely cost you a small fortune and they will not lead to long-term weight loss. 

Sure, you may drop a few pounds, but that is only for the simple reason that you have reduced your calorie intake, substituting real food for shakes and teas. These types of products are what lead to yo-yo dieting and make the companies selling them huge profits. Think about it, it is the perfect business model. Sell you something that leads to a bit of weight loss, leading you to think it has worked. You cannot stick to it long term as it is so restrictive and you go back to your old habits, putting the weight lost back on again. Then, the next time you want to try again to lose weight, you go straight back to their product, knowing that it worked before and it was your fault that you didn’t have the willpower to stick to it long term.

Well, it was not your fault at all. It is human nature to want the easiest and quickest solution to a problem, but the fact is and will always be, that exercise and sensible eating that you can stick to long term are the best ways to lose weight that will never return. Deep down most of us know this, and yet we still look for the easier solutions. This is where it is important to begin to understand your behaviours and habits, and the triggers that make you self-sabotage your best intentions to lose weight. Only when you are aware of this can you plan to change it.

Willpower alone does not work; it will only take you so far. Combining exercise, healthy eating, and understanding your mind is the best way to lose weight long-term in a way that you can stick to whilst enjoying your life and food. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. We live in a society where everything is quick, results are demanded instantly, but this is not how weight loss works. 

The advertisers you are seeing at the moment know this, they also want a quick fix i.e. as much money as possible for as little effort as possible on their behalf. Do not fall for it. Put your faith in methods that may not be the easiest but have been proven time and time again. Yes, it will take time, no doubt about it. The best things in life usually do.



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