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The Relationship Between Your Gut Health & Sleep

More and more research has come out about gut health in recent years with its link to mental health, its link to sleep and much more.

This graphic above explains the link between your gut health and your sleep. Starting off at the top of the graphic you have your hypothalamus that regulates things such as your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle.

Linking from that you have variables that can affect this such as sunlight, computer screens and phone screens (A common reason why people struggle to sleep is due to the light coming off phone screens late at night).

The receptors that are in your eyes will tell your hypothalamus to either create more or decrease the amount of serotonin needed. So to make that easy to understand, Serotonin is a chemical that is responsible for for stimulating parts of the brain that controls sleep and waking.

Late at night your circadian rhythm will kick in which is when you the sun goes down, your body wants to go to sleep. But when you have phone screens and computers on late of an evening, the light these screen gives off makes your eyes think that it is still day time which decreases the amount of serotonin that is produced and means you are still awake. A lot of you can probably relate to this part when you are up on your phone flicking through Facebook or watching Netflix late.

The next part talks about microbiome which is bacteria contained in your gut. This is absolutely vital to maintain a healthy gut because the microbiome contained in your gut helps to make the serotonin needed for sleep and regulates your sleep cycle.

Looking at the next section of lifestyle you can see how it starts to fit together as these elements like stress, poor sleep and chlorine treated water actually start to decrease your microbiome. Improve these elements of your lifestyle and you have a better serotonin/microbiome production for your hypothalamus.



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