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Start Your Day The Right Way

Updated: Jun 4

Getting your day off to a great start can carry through to everything else you do on that day. This starts with waking up nice and early to give us time to ourselves before the hectic rush of the day begins. The morning hours are quiet and give us time to think clearly and get things done like exercising and eating a healthy breakfast that will leave our mind and body feeling energised for the day ahead. Getting up late can leave us rushing around like a headless chicken and that can put us on edge for the rest of the day leading to us feeling stressed and anxious.

Rather than reach for the phone to check emails and messages as soon as you wake up, leave the phone where it is and pick up your favourite book, write your journal for the day, or meditate. Looking at the phone can instantly rev your body and mind up as you start to worry about how many things you need to do that day, who you need to reply to and how many emails are sitting in your inbox. Writing down your important tasks for the day can help to get them off your mind and allows you to focus on your priorities. Reading or meditating keeps your mind calm and allows you to wake up gradually as opposed to going from sleep to full-on in less than 60 seconds!

We are huge fans of exercising first thing in the morning for several reasons. If you choose not to exercise early, you may have a bad day or feel really tired later on, and this makes it unlikely you will feel like exercising at all or be able to put your full energy into it if do. Exercising early wakes us up and the release of feel-good hormones means we are ready to attack whatever the day has in store for us. Exercise helps us to feel less anxious and stressed, which could be the difference between you biting your bosses head off or remaining calm if they ask you to do yet another job when you first get to the office!

When we rise early, we are more likely to eat healthily, given that we do not have to grab a convenient breakfast on the go or eat from our laps as we drive to work. Sitting down with time to prepare and enjoy a balanced healthy breakfast means we have energy for the day, it will help us to concentrate and focus, and you will not need to reach for the biscuits at 11 am! Have a large glass of water with your breakfast instead of a coffee that might put you on edge. Your body will have been without water for the entire time you have been asleep, so it is vital that you re-hydrate, and nothing is better than water for that job.

What you do in the morning can make or break your day. Make sure you give yourself the best possible start by building sustainable morning habits.



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