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Make Exercise Fun in Lockdown!

Most of us realise that we need to exercise. We understand the physical and mental health benefits and we know we will feel better after. However, some of us love it and some of us see it as a necessary evil! This is especially true now when most of us are having to exercise at home or, are at best, making it out for an hour a day to run, walk or cycle. Exercising alone brings its own challenges from a motivation point of view and many people rely on a good, reliable training partner to give them a kick up the backside on the days they are struggling to find motivation.

We have seen a recent drop in motivation where the novelty of exercising at home is beginning to wear off and people are itching to get back to the gym and train with other like-minded people. So how do we stay motivated in isolation? Make your workouts FUN! Here are some simple ways of doing that:

1. Involve the children – if you have kids, keeping them entertained all day can be tough. Why not involve them in your routine and play some exercise-based games with them. An example is having the alphabet listed next to exercises. Ask your children to spell words such as their names or days of the week and you all do the exercises together. You all keep fit, you bond as a family, they learn, and you might even get to put them to bed a bit earlier if you tire them out enough!

2. Learn different things – always on the weight’s machines in the gym? Use this time to improve your flexibility or cardio fitness. Try Yoga, cycling, running, the list is endless. Learning new skills is great for motivation and it will also have the added benefit of having a positive impact on your gym routine on the glorious day when we are allowed back through those gym doors!

3. Share a workout online – having to exercise alone? Why not try sharing a session over a web meeting where you can train with one or more of your friends and spur each other on. Have a chat at the end of the workout as well and you will be ticking a lot of physical and mental wellbeing boxes. There are also tonnes of live streams about at the moment where you can join in and feel like you are exercising as part of a group.

4. Do not expect too much – one of the sure-fire ways to kill the fun factor is getting too serious. Now is probably not the time to be setting PB’s for most people, although this could easily be achieved if you are trying some new things out. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, and simply aim to keep things ticking over nicely. That approach is always better than doing nothing at all and it should mean that first session back in the is not quite as painful as you are fearing it might be!

There you go guys, 4 simple ways to keep that motivation high and help your physical and mental wellbeing at a really testing time for all of us. Give them a go, think outside the box and get creative with your workouts or look to others for inspiration. Whatever you do, keep moving!



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