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Most of us have a lot of time to think about things at the moment. We haven’t been as busy at work, we haven’t had to endure the dreaded commute, and we may well have spent more time talking to family and friends and reassessing what is important to us.

There will likely be many long-term changes on a professional level as a result of the imposed lockdown. More people will be asked to work from home as companies realise their business can operate as normal when their employees are working remotely. Businesses may have to change how their products and services are delivered as people begin to demand more services from the comfort of their own home.

For all the changes to our professional lives, the personal changes are arguably more important. Has anyone reassessed their priorities in life lately? Been spending too much time at work? Neglecting partners, families and friends? Taking simple things for granted that you wish you could do now? I am guessing that a lot of people have had thoughts along these lines – I certainly have. Personally, I have realised that I have been neglecting certain areas of my life, things that I am passionate about that have been put on the backburner for a long time now. I have already made steps to change this and my diary planning will be a lot different when we get back to something resembling a normal life. More non-negotiable time has already been set aside for friends, family and hobbies.

If you are experiencing similar thoughts, don’t wait to act. You can put the things in place now to makes your plans happen, even if you can’t act on them all yet. If this virus has made us realise one thing, it should be that nobody knows exactly what is around the corner, what fate awaits them or their loved ones. If you have been thinking about making certain changes to the way you are living your life, go for it. Ask yourself what is the very worst thing that can happen as a result of you making those changes? The answer in most cases will not be too bad to comprehend. Ask yourself what you stand to gain if you make those changes. The answer might inspire you to take the leap.

Nobody lives forever, and this crisis has shown how fragile our lives and way of life can be. Don’t wait to achieve the things you want to – go out and grab the opportunities now!



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