This level of expert guidance and support would usually cost in excess of £350 per month. We are offering it for a limited time period for just £11.99 per month during the current Covid-19 pandemic to support as many people as possible in a time when we need help more than ever. 

  • Initial Assessment - this is not a generic programme. We need to get to know you to help you. Complete a short questionnaire so we can guide you on your journey!

  • A Comprehensive Personal Growth Programme - our leading clinical psychologist will guide you with videos and workbooks to beat your unhealthy and self-sabotaging behaviours, allowing you to reach your full potential. You need to understand your habits and behaviours before you can change them, and we will help you do it.

  • Exercise Programme - we will suggest an exercise programme perfect for you, following analysis of your assessment. Follow all the exercises on our easy to use app, and track your progress as you go.   

  • Nutrition Guidance - we won't just tell you what to eat and what to avoid. You probably already know that. We will show you how to change your relationship with food, how to understand your habits and behaviours, and how to stick to long-term change.

  • Mindfulness - learn breathing techniques and meditation.

  • Weekly Support Group - we understand the importance of supporting each other in difficult times. Connect with us for guidance and speak to others on the same journey.  

  • Dedicated Support - access expert Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Clinical Psychologists for a fraction of the normal price. Message us through the app or via email whenever you need us.

  • Recipe Books & Takeout Guides - a huge library of simple recipes and takeout guides, all in your pocket, wherever you go.

  • Supportive Facebook Community - help, support, live Q&A's, challenges, and additional weekly live workouts and video content.

  • Wellbeing Content - advice and information surrounding other areas of your wellbeing such as sleep management, neuroscience, and loads more!


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